Accelertech's mission is to provide a leading edge technology solution for the channel market.

In order to serve the dynamic IT market that the channel is facing, Accelertech has spent an enormous effort to integrate the state-of-the-art technologies from technology partners, set up the worldwide logistic and service infrastructure with top-tier global distribution partners, and create a marketing and sales program for the resellers to quickly grab the market opportunities. As a solution vendor to the channel, Accelertech offers a comprehensive line of motherboard and whitebox/whitebook platforms covering workstation, server, network storage, security and notebook. Our channel customers will need little or no investment in engineering, validation testing and manufacturing, which dramatically shortens the time-to-market for resellers to capture their business opportunities and maximize their profitability.

Accelertech's highly experienced team is geared to offer the needed support to the channel customers - a 24/7 technical support to all resellers regardless their geographic locations - a unparallel service for for today's service driven market.

Accelertech will continuously follow the technology trends in order to provide a best integrated technology solution for the needed market and we listen to our customers to carefully achieve a collaborative effort and success